What Do You Believe In?

Ask Capitalism. Is it wrong to be successful? Imagine that you set up a stand-alone computer in a remote part of India where technology was non-existent. What might happen? Maybe kids would start playing with it. Maybe they would learn English by playing, and eventually they would ask you for …

Is Coding the New Literacy?

Coding know-how is increasingly seen as a barometer for startup success. If you’re an entrepreneur, you must learn how to code. As all the factors above point out, the future will be run by a kind of oligarchy, which is software.

Disrupting Brick And Mortar Retail

At the macro level, total retail sales across the country have not grown much, but online retail sales are booming. What does this mean? The brick-and-mortar stores are going to have to reinvent themselves to keep up with the change.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive businesses and technologies are not just new competitors. They are game changers. Disruptive forces transform business and even the global economies.

Ideas by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Proven Techniques for Idea Validation

Just because you have a great idea, it does not mean that it will translate into a viable business. Do your best to take the emotion out of it. Go through this validation process as objectively as possible.

Startups: Process of Idea Validation

What you want though is an idea that will sell. If you validate your idea before you hit the market, your chances for success are increased greatly. This saves you time and money.

Change the Model

An Overview of Some Common Business Models

A business model can be defined as a method of doing business that generates adequate revenue for the business to sustain its operations and grow. Here’s a list of various business models.

Freemium – Is it the Right Model for Your Business?

Key elements of successful freemium business model: It has upgradable product or service, It depends on subscribers for revenue, It offers a product or service so innovative it must be experienced to be appreciated

Freemium Success and Freemium Fail

Freemium model characteristics: The product or service must be very good, The cost of providing the service or product must be zero,
The product experience is sufficiently positive to entice the consumer to purchase and/or upgrade, Support costs must not rise proportionately to the number of end users (paying or non-paying)